Garden center

In Garden center “TIS” you can find wide variety of ornamental plants and garden accessories:

  • Ornamental plants produced in our own production nursery in the town of Septemvri known by the great diversity of species and sorts. Buying and planting vegetation cultivated in Bulgaria is a prerequisite for successful transplantation in the new place, normal growth, flowering, fruit forming and unrisky spending the winter;
  • Imported ornamental plants – species which are not commonly propagated in Bulgaria. We select sorts suitable for our climate from longstanding European partners – mostly producers from Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands;
  • Grass seed mixtures – German, French and Dutch in packages of 1 to 25 kg;
  • Seedlings of perennials and bulbs;
  • Garden tools and accessories;
  • Plastic interior and exterior pots;
  • Ceramic pots;
  • Specialized substrates and peat mixtures;
  • Mulch;
  • Materials for tree stabilization;
  • Fertilizers;
  • Garden furniture.