Garden center “TIS“ and the environment

Our work comes entirely from nature, follows the natural principles, draws from nature and our products return themselves back to the nature that we so desperately need in our urban environment. Our ambition is creating the most ecological product – the plant itself – without disturbing the natural resources.

That is the reason why we need your co-operation!

It can be showed by consciously reducing the usage of wrapping products and plastic bags when transporting our goods. After one-time usage of every single packing material it remains on Earth – it decomposes in continuation of decades, penetrates into the soils, air, water and even us.

On good will you can return the pots (containers) which remains after planting your vegetation and you will not use anymore. We will reuse them!

You can receive further information about the issue with waste materials and good alternatives from our partners from СИПИ.еu.

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