Map of the climate zones in Europe

This maps shows the hardiness of the plants. It is general and does not take in consideration the amount of precipitation, winds, humidity and microclimatic conditions.

The zones identify to what stage the plants can endure the negative winter temperatures. When choosing trees, shrubs and flowers it is necessary to take into consideration the tolerance of each species.

климатични зони Европа

Large part of the territory of Bulgaria belongs to the sixth climate zone. Only the southest parts and the regions near Black see are in seventh and eight zone.

When buying plants it is important to take into consideration the place where the species were cultivated. Matching the climate zones is a prerequisite to better transplanting, growing and evolving of the planting material. Plants that are brought from unmatching zones usually cannot be transplanted successfully, hardly spend the winter and even if they manage to overcome the differences, they lose vitality, do not have good appearance and suffer. This happens for example with imported plants from Italy and Greece when planted in the moderate climate zone of Bulgaria.