For 26 years we produce ornamental plants, design and build green spaces, inspired by nature and in accordance to the traditions and innovations, applying the amazing palette of knowledge required by the landscape architecture.

The beginning is laid in 1990 on a small area in Vranya district where the supply base and the early company are formed (“TIS” ST – Rumen Blazhev). Not long after that starts the landscape designing practice – building of private gardens, offices, restaurants, trade centers. Few years later garden center “TIS” opens doors for customers on Cherni vrah Blvd. The wide variety of ornamental species extends, people become more and more aware of the need of creating beautiful green spaces and the interest of garden and park design grows bigger and bigger. The company staff increases in order to answer the needs of the society.

In 2001 the excellent results, the gained experience and the respected name lead to a well-functioning partnership under the name “Florimex Bulgaria” Ltd. and building of a nursery in the town of Septemvri where evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs are being propagated. As the years go by the production areas and the production itself grow bigger and the company becomes one of the leading producers of ornamental plants in Bulgaria. The united market of the EU contributes to establishing good trade relations with Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Hungary.

The company designs and builds many business buildings, open spaces around industrial enterprises and closed housing estates. It also specializes in green roofs and creates perfect examples of these types of gardens in Sofia.

Since 2017 the company works under the name PLANTICA. More than 26 years of experience form a new beginning, preserving the good practices, knowledge, qualification and loyalty. This is a beginning with the final purpose of a perfect product and service, corresponding to your concepts of beautiful balcony, magnificent garden, cozy office and vital green spaces.