Production nursery

Our own nursery is located in the town of Septemvri and is well provided with the necessary modern technologies, machinery and equipment for breeding plants not only on ground, but also in containers. Because of the constant dedicated work of our experts and the apply of the ENA Standart our production characterizes with excellent commercial appearance and vitality. The assortment is exceptionally rich and completely appropriate to the Bulgarian climate conditions. Propagation is mostly done by vegetative methods of propagation (by cuttings and engrafting) which ensure positive results and preserve the ornamental characteristics of the sorts. All of the specific knowledge used in our work is based on the long-time experience of the company.

We produce:

  • Ornamental broad-leaved trees and shrubs – deciduous, evergreen and beautifully blooming;
  • Ornamental coniferous trees and shrubs;
  • Topiary;
  • Oversized vegetation.

The vegetation is offered in three options:

  • Rootball;
  • Bareroot;
  • In containers.

We deliver orders to everywhere in Bulgaria, directly from our production nursery to our garden center in Sofia or to specified locations.