Plants sizes

We would like to call your attention to marks and sizes of the plants, which you will see in the pages with our products.


Example of a conifer rootball plant with 100-125 cm height


Example of a deciduous shrubs in container with 60-80 cm height


Example of a deciduous tree in container with crown starting at 180 cm height

The height of the plants is measured in centimeters from the beginning of the over-ground part. The measures are „from-to“ because plants have branches, they are constantly evolving and are not always growing even.

диаметър на стъбло

For deciduous trees, acording to the european and bulgarien standarts, for size is used the circumference of the stem in centimeters, measured at 1,00 m height from the beginning of the over-ground part.

The symbol St. (comes from the english word stem)
According to the standart the crowns start at 220 cm from the height of the stem.
For alley trees this is a compulsory condition in order to have an unhindered passing of people and vehicles.
The crown of some plants starts non-standartly and they acquire speciffic habit.


For size of the ball-shaped plants is given their diameter


For size of the covering plants is given their diameter


The symbol multistem means the tree starts from its base with plenty of stems (usually 3 or 5).