Materials for rootballs

The materials for rootballs (conitex) are produced of mixture of natural and synthetic fibres. After the decomposing of the natural fibres the synthetic fibres follow them and decompose too. The full decomposing in soil takes approximately 6 months and depends on the soil conditions, humidity and temperature.



метална мрежа

Metal net


Rootball with conitex and metal net

These materials prevent in no way the growth of the roots. Using them is necessary because they keep the rootball whole during the transportation and storage while the plant reaches its constant position.

Metal nets are made of unzinc-coated steel wire and are completely decomposable in soil. They form steady and solid rootball which hardly allows disintegration of the soil around the roots. Metal nets are usually used for rootballs with diameter more than 50 cm because the weight of the plants is big and the manipulation is more difficult. Even though they make the products more expensive, using them is a must in order to have successful transplanting of the big and oversized plants.

Our advice is to plant the vegetation without removing the materials for rootballs.

Note that in the pricelists the symbol w.b. means that the plant is with metal net.