What is school?

Schooling meens replanting. It shows how many times the plant is replanted in a new place. This allows the plants to form compact and vigorous root system and not damaging the thick roots when taking them out of the soil next time. Schools ensure the necessery living space and optimal light regime of the plants in nursery fields. Plants that are schooled are a prerequisite for better transplanting in the new place of living. When the planting material reaches its permanent living place no further schooling is required.  


Sexond school


Third school


Fourth school

Schools are marked in the following way:

3xv/4xv the mark comes from German: 3 x verpflanzt -> 3 mal verpflanzt/ 4 mal verpflanzt (3 times replanted/ 4 times replanted)

3 x tr./4 x tr. the mark comes from English: 3 times transplanted/ 4 times transplanted

In our pricelists you will find the marks 3xv/4xv.